Becoming a Professional Model

Many little girls dream of being models. They see beautiful women in magazines, on the television and on fashion runways. How wonderful it would be to look like that, wearing fancy gowns, sparkling jewels and tall high-heeled shoes. And some of those girls may become models but most will only dream.

Professional modeling is a very tough profession to enter and maintain. Grueling schedules, long hours and plenty of traveling are cornerstones of the fashion and cosmetics industries. Typically there is only room for one spokeswoman or cover girl for any product or company so “available spots” are highly coveted and certainly create major competition.Anja Rubik

But for those few women who make the grade, modeling can be very rewarding. Lucrative contracts, fabulous locations and instant celebrity are all features that can be appealing to many women. One thing that makes modeling different than other careers is that you cannot learn to be a model. Of course, you can learn how to be a model but going to school does not mean you will become a model. Other professionals go to school then find a job in their profession. Many women regardless of how much they learn about modeling can never be models. Their bodies or looks are not acceptable.

And unless a company is looking for a specific niche such as plus sizes, grandmother- aged ladies, or a feature outside of the normal runway model, most women do not qualify as models. Models must be discovered in a very short time span. Typically the women are young, under size six and gorgeous to look at. As a young girl ages each year, she becomes less desirable as a model. The window of opportunity to becoming a model is very small.

Location is important as well when trying to become a model. Certain cities such as New York, Paris and Milan are more accessible to potential models. Staying in a small town or city with no agencies, no fashion shows and no way to promote yourself will only result in a failed dream.

Modeling should be treated in a professional manner. Women who do not show up on time for appointments or who are continually tired from staying out too late the night before will not go far in this industry. Modeling must be taken seriously in order to succeed and advance to higher status assignments. The days can be long and the work tedious. The public sees the final product but they have no clue how many times you repeated the exact same pose or how many clothing changes you made in a day or how far you had to travel to make it to a shoot.

When meeting with potential employers, keep it simple. Act in a professional manner, make sure your hair is clean, your nails well groomed, wear little makeup and do not overdress trying to look like a movie star. Be prepared for the appointment by doing research about the company and its products.

And if you really want to become a model, think first of the areas in which you excel and see if you can start promoting those talents to advance yourself to the big times.