Types of Professional Models

Modeling is regularly associated with runways and haute couture. But that segment of the market is a small amount of the total professional modeling industry. Models are used for many product promotions including clothes, cosmetics, fitness videos, cars, boats, new homes, jewelry, perfume, household products, appliances and the list goes on. The manufacturer needs the public to identify with its brand of products and beautiful women will be used to entice the consumer.

Imagine cars. What does a beautiful woman have to do with the gas efficiency function or safety features of a vehicle? Nothing at all. But, at many vehicle trade shows, women are modeling the cars. Looking back years ago at the early launches of new vehicle brands, a gorgeous woman always accompanied the car when it was unveiled.

Swimsuits, makeup and fashion are obvious items where companies use models to showcase their products. But even within this market mix, the models are entirely different. A fashion or swimsuit model may cross over to do cosmetics but a cosmetics model may not have the body needed for a swimsuit photo session. Swimsuit models and lingerie models are very toned and their bodies are sculpted in a way to display bathing suits (and lingerie).

Fitness videos are another area that uses a specific type of model. The celebrity leading the videos normally has three or four helpers so that the viewers can keep up with the steps in the dance or exercise. The helpers are models but these models are different than fashion runaway models as they need to be fit and keeping with the pace, looking like they belong.

Teen models for designer jeans, young styles of lingerie, hair products and cell phones are only used when they are small enough and look young enough to fit the “younger set mold”. Once they outgrow the image, they may not be able to move on to adult modeling jobs.

Catalog models form another group of specific models. They may not have to be as exotic or gorgeous looking as runway models. They are usually more down to earth, the lady next door type. The company who sells their clothing, jewelry, candles or whatever from a catalog needs the person to look like someone who might buy the products.

Plus size models, petite models and extra tall models are more in demand now than ever. Clothing manufacturers and retailers are catering to specific niches within the women’s clothing and accessories market. To do this, the companies need to look serious and sincere by showing the garments on women who resemble the women buying the items.

Lastly, a model may be chosen because of her race or color. Companies trying to broaden their markets and reach segments that they otherwise neglected historically are more conducive now to making their ads and commercials seem more natural and realistic.

Because modeling is such a diverse profession, there may be many ways for a woman to infiltrate the industry without having to be a super model walking down the runway in Paris.